Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Historicity: Welcome to Elfland 2/6

It's Wednesday again...

As promised, in this blog entry I'll try to give a brief introduction to some aspects of real medieval historicity, in this first and several more entries.

Do be warned, dear reader, that the past wasn't pretty. It wasn't Disney. When you go visit Elfland, make sure to bring a big sword - or better yet, bring several strong friends with big swords, in order to minimize the probability that some of the people you encounter will do nasty things to you.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Historicity and D&D-Land 1/6

It's Wednesday again...

... And it is the year 2012, Western Reckoning.

I am keenly aware of when I am, at all times. That's not to say you can accost me at random and demand that I tell you the time. I am probably less able to correctly estimate the time of day, without resorting to artificial aids, than the average person. No, I am talking about a more coarse-grained kind of time: The time period.